The BAD NEWS about inflation

Have you been to the supermarket lately? Gone out to a restaurant? Filled up your tank with
If so, you probably noticed that a dollar doesn’t go as far as it did just a few short months ago.
The BAD NEWS about rampant inflation is that it is likely to get
MUCH WORSE before it gets better.
Why? The short answer: It’s complicated.
Prices for all types of goods and services have been trending upward throughout the Biden
administration as deficits soar and domestic spending shows no signs of slowing down.
The current crisis in Ukraine is only exacerbating the situation with oil and other critical imports
almost guaranteed to become more expensive.

Everybody’s feeling pain at the pump these days.
As bad as things might seem right now, though, there is some
You have the power to do something about it.
That’s right.
Even though you had nothing to do with the current crisis and have no control over the policies
that have caused it, you do have an opportunity to protect your assets against a reckless,
big-spending federal government.

And it all starts with asking about GOLD.
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There’s a reason this precious metal has been the standard for currency around the world for
thousands of years.
Gold doesn’t care who’s in the White House.
It isn’t easily manipulated by deficit spending or international turmoil.
It has historically outperformed the stock market in times of economic uncertainty.
Most importantly, a central bank can’t simply print more gold like it can with paper currency.
Unfortunately, the U.S. dollar hasn’t been backed by actual gold for more than 50 years.
We can easily see the results of this decision when the stock market tanked during the 1970s
and again in the late 2000s, leading Americans to invest heavily in gold.
Today, the dollar is facing new and even more frightening threats.
After the COVID-19 pandemic gave lawmakers the green light for TRILLIONS of dollars in new
domestic spending, President Joe Biden continued to push for even more debt as part of a
wide-ranging infrastructure plan.
While we can argue over whether this spending was necessary, one thing is clear: we’ll all pay
for it eventually.
Meanwhile, the value of the Russian ruble is in a freefall amid sanctions based on Vladimir
Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

Source: CNBC
Even though millions of ordinary Russians oppose the war, they are all bearing the cost of their
leader’s actions.
Americans are only fooling themselves if they believe nothing can threaten the value of the U.S.
The bottom line is that no one knows what the future holds.
If Democrats remain in power, an already unsustainable deficit is sure to only get higher.

The deficit for Fiscal Year 2020 was more than THREE TIMES higher than the previous year,
and it’s only getting worse! (Source: Bipartisan Policy Center)
So why is gold different?
With a paper dollar standard, consumers must rely on the government to protect its value.
Not only have such currencies failed repeatedly in nations around the world, but we all know
that politicians aren’t doing enough to safeguard the U.S. dollar.
Meanwhile, central banks are heavily investing in gold as a safeguard against the dollar’s
collapse – and you should be too!
Gold has intrinsic value and various uses in the booming tech and space industries – not to
mention jewelry. For those reasons, it will never be a worthless commodity.
As for those dollars in your wallet … who knows?
You owe it to yourself and your family to learn more about gold TODAY!

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